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Our instincts aren’t always on target, but if you’ve got a funny feeling about a request someone’s made or the risks inherent in embracing a new opportunity, process these feelings before proceeding, says Chloe Carmichael, Ph. “We’re less likely to feel secure with our choices when we haven’t resolved our own internal conflicts about them.”Carmichael recommends making a pro and con list about big decisions (think: Should I leave this job or relationship? Tuning into—and accepting—hard-to-feel emotions like anxiety or dread also helps us feel more grounded, an essential component of making wise choices wherever you are in your life. It’s another to let them steer the course of important decisions in your life, says counselor and couples therapist Melody Li, LMFTA.When we’re riled up by anger, anxiety, and other intense emotions, we’re more likely to hit “send” when we shouldn’t, give in to immediate gratification, or shun people and situations we would be better off embracing simply because we perceive them as threats.(Feeling blue can also cloud what we see as our options and our willingness to choose which one is best.)Though emotional reactions are designed to keep us from danger (e.g., jumping out of an oncoming vehicle’s path rather than pausing mid-crosswalk) we’re better off cooling down before making longer-term commitments or choices that impact important relationships, Li says.By the fourth week, she had stopped messaging him altogether (called ghosting).However, a month later, after no contact, his phone buzzed and he looked down, shocked.I believe that all of the choices we make change us in ways both big and small. We won’t ever need to consider the “what if” of having made another choice.Most of our choices are small and fairly meaningless. Other choices are hugely important and may have an enormous impact on our lives.

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It is natural and human to make bad choices sometimes.Brittny Henderson was in 10th grade when she started going out with Max*, a senior who was a starting running back on the football team.