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Additionally, the couple will stop catering and providing flowers to all weddings.

The couple made the decision voluntarily because continuing to hold weddings could make them a target for future discrimination lawsuits, Odgaard said.

The Harvard-educated attorney, who spent almost two decades working out of Cedar Rapids, won legal battles with grace and intelligence in a system where victory for a client charged with serious drug or gun crimes can mean shaving as little as three years off a prison sentence of 25 years, former co-workers told The Des Moines Register.“It’s tough,” said Casey Jones, now an Iowa associate district court judge who worked as a public defender under Kelly for two years.

“It’s a grind, and you’re having to break horrible news to people about how much time they’re facing under the federal sentencing guidelines.

Same-Sex Marriage Hearing Set for Polk County Last Monday was their sixth wedding anniversary.

To say they almost ran to the courthouse in Le Mars as it opened that day six years ago would not be an exaggeration.

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She was always positive.”LATEST ON CONFIRMATION BATTLE: Grassley, Obama remain at odds Grassley's refusal to hold hearings turns up heat She has also won past support from Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, who has sent conflicting messages on whether he would follow the Republican Party line and oppose hearings for any nomination by President Barack Obama before the November presidential election.Donna Red Wing, executive director of LGBT advocacy group One Iowa, said she respects the Odgaards' religious beliefs, but was disappointed to hear about the decision to stop hosting weddings.Jane Kelly, an Iowa judge whose name is making the lists of potential replacements for U. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, would bring a unique resume to the nation’s highest court, according to friends, politicians and court watchers.Lee Stafford and Jared Ellers filed a complaint with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission after the owners of the Gortz Haus Gallery, Betty and Richard Odgaard, denied the same-sex couple an opportunity to get married at the 77-year-old gallery that once housed a Lutheran church.

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Betty Odgaard said after the complaint was publicized that the gallery's gift shop and bistro have always served gays and lesbians, but that hosting a same-sex wedding would be against the family's religious beliefs.

The law changed three-and-a-half years ago, but people and churches did not change overnight. Phil Gibbs still remembers his surprise when the ruling came down: "I was dumbfounded.