Dating on tombs of scipios

28-Oct-2017 09:51

During the republic the tomb stood in a cemetery for notables and their families located in the angle between the Via Appia and the Via Latina on a connecting road joining the two just past the branch point.

, which used to be an important port for Greece and the East.

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Then it was abandoned and within a few hundred years its location was lost.

The tomb was rediscovered twice, the last time in 1780 and stands under a hill by the side of the road behind a wall at numbers 9 and 12 Via di Porta San Sebastiano, Rome, where it can be visited by the public for a small admission fee.

The wall lining the Via di Porta San Sebastiano lies directly behind the cameraman, who is standing within or on the inside of the gate at Number 6.

Beyond the wall at the top right of the hill is the park road.

The moveables—the one whole sarcophagus and the fragments of other sarcophagi—were placed on display in the hall of the Pio-Clementino Museum at the Vatican in 1912.